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Our mission is to serve every meal as if it were for our very own family. 

About Janina's

Janina's is a family owned and operated business that serves breakfast and lunch in Burnside, Dartmouth. Specializing in Polish and homestyle cuisine using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Janina’s also serves homemade soups, salads, wraps, and sandwiches. 


Meet Janina

Janina Minkus learned to cook all things Polish from her Mother in their hometown of Kaliszany, Poland. From perogi to cakes, she’s mastered it all. After countless requests for cakes and sweets from friends, Janina decided to start selling her homemade goodies at the Brewery Market twenty years ago (1994). Dubbed Sweets & Herrings, she can still be found there every other Saturday selling homemade soups, cabbage rolls, and delectable cakes.


In 2009, Janina took her cooking to another level when she became the new owner of Sam’s Place in Burnside, which she later renamed Janina’s Café. Today, her son Michael runs the business but Janina always has her hands in the kitchen helping out.



Our Local Suppliers

We use fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. We're proud to use these local suppliers:


Janina's Backyard Garden

Little Dorset Farms

Sambro Fisheries

Hutten Family Farm

Anstrum's Farm Market 

Elmridge Farm

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